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We're a group created to attract Georgian Grande enthusiasts, and enthusiasts of the breeds which can combine to make foundation Georgian Grandes. If you've got a Georgian Grande (or foundation breed) character in your virtual stable, please consider submitting it to our gallery!

To join the group as a member, just hit "Join Our Group" up there at the top of the page! It's recommended that you own at least one Georgian Grande or GG foundation breed, but not required.

Note that we only accept naturally-colored horses whose colors are accepted IRL for their breeds. =D


Gallery Folders

IGGHR Hall of Fame
White Lions' Liberum Leporum a Dobunni by ofcowardiceandkings
King Urrezko by strixx-variaa
White Winter Hymnal by bovidaeloony
Willow Run Bum by jouroo
Register of Excellence
White Lions' Dormant Deep Un-Detrimental by ofcowardiceandkings
The Horror by bovidaeloony
The Terror by bovidaeloony
Titan's Rockslide- HARPG ref sheet by Revolver-Waffle
Tinseltown by strixx-variaa
Purslane by strideroo
White Lions' Castles in the Sky by ofcowardiceandkings
HARPG American As Apple Pie by bovidaeloony
Register of Merit
The Borroka by strixx-variaa
Honeyback | -- by p-ond
Masquerade Passion by strideroo
RRF Chicanery- HARPG by Revolver-Waffle
Georgian Grandes
WBS Realities Greatest Truth by angry-horse-for-life
RRS Shirley Temple|Mare|Georgian Grande by AccaliaRose
Lace and Ribbons|Mare|Georgian Grande by AccaliaRose
The Benediction|Stallion|Georgian Grande by AccaliaRose
American Saddlebreds
AAO's Brillante. by La-xiqueta
CaddoCreek Pacific Silver by CaddoCreekAcres
Blume by La-xiqueta
HTF Close To The Edge by angry-horse-for-life
American Cream Drafts
H.M.S. Aye Aye Captain by Parbuckles
Ben by bovidaeloony
Chantilly Lace by horselady36501
Aisling's Song by strixx-variaa
Fluffy Drafter girlies by Parbuckles
ps Snowberry Brandy foal ref by byrch
FFS Iron and Wine by bovidaeloony
Black Forest Horses
HARPG - Hella by chikajin
Magie by silvershore
SFS Margera by Sorrel-Feather
Meili by silvershore
Jack de Pelle Mecanique by TheChotta
Drum Horses
Summer Treasure by fediarwoods
PB's Poison Heart by Pennybridge-Art
Gypsy Horses
WBS Mellifluous by angry-horse-for-life
Socrates by MarathonStud
Irish Draughts
Eire's Lucky Lad - SOLD by MistyofSunrise
RRS Kara Valkyrie|Mare|Noriker by AccaliaRose
WBS Diamond Rings And More Beautiful Things by angry-horse-for-life
Pedigreed Draft Crossbreeds
WBS An Uncles Thunderous Prayer by angry-horse-for-life
NEC Lusitania by fae-rie
Spotted Drafts
FH Boy Next Door by DreamingOfHorses67
Sugarbush Drafts
.: WBS Coffee Scotch :. by Rawr--Boo
Welshes C and D
Estell by Dlnarielle



Community Map

If you've got a Google account, you can use that to mark the location of your stable on this map. =D

Just hit "EDIT" and then use the blue balloon-looking button to place a marker where your stable is.
:new: November 12, 2015: We have an open spot on Foundies list! Comment if you think your horse should have it. =D

Here, we'll showcase the top ten Georgian Grandes, and the top ten foundation-breed horses. Rankings are assigned based on the dA-IGGHR Ranking System, so if you'd like your horse to be featured on this list, please calculate his/her points and note the group! =D

(Note that deceased horses don't have a place on the top 10 lists. They do, however, retain any titles they've won and will be kept in the appropriate galleries even after their passing.)

"Hall of Fame" Horses (100 pts.):

Georgian Grandes:
  1. Castles in the Sky, 85 pts.
  2. Dormant Deep Undetrimental, 81 pts.
  3. All That Glitters, 53.25 pts.
  4. Akimbo, 46.75 pts.
  5. As The Dove Flies , 45.5 pts.
  6. Watch Him Dance, 44.5 pts.
  7. Séo dá Ӕfendréam, 45.25 pts.
  8. L'Incendario, 36 pts.
  9. Astray, 35.75 pts.
  10. Tobias, 34 pts.

Foundation Breeds:
  1. Divine Terror, 96.75 pts.
  2. Titan's Rockslide, 93.5 pts.
  3. Ph.D. in Horribleness, 93.25 pts.
  4. Precious Hobbitss, Norwegian Fjord, 72 pts.
  5. Golden Gun, Norwegian Fjord, 70.5 pts.
  6. Tinseltown, American Saddlebred, 69 pts.
  7. American As Apple Pie, American Belgian, 59.5 pts.
  8. Purslane, American Saddlebred, 53.75 pts.
  9. Vogue, Friesian, 46.5 pts.
  10. ???
More Journal Entries


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Rawr--Boo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this group still running? I'm Curious since it's been about 2 weeks and my Sugar brush draft is still in the approval stage. : / Just curious.
strixx-variaa Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Yeah, sorry. It's still running in that I still look at the notifications/submissions from time to time, but it's not a particularly active registry. :XD:
Rawr--Boo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah. I see. Thank you for letting me know.
xXxImpulsivexXx Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hello! My stable HARPG-IBSis hosting the annual HARPG-GVA show and I would like to extend an invitation to all Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Drum, Georgia Grande and all other horses of at least 50% Gypsy blood to attend. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Hope to see you there!
strixx-variaa Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015
Featured comment! Sorry it's a bit late. I do recommend that all our members check out this show! There are so many half-Vanner Georgian Grandes in our registry. It's a great opportunity! Best of luck with the show! =D
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